We're introducing a global network of specially-modified Space Jets(TM) to offer flexible testing & accelerated development of technologies before they are sent to Space
We aim to be the first operator to provide both high-precision microgravity and cost-effective horizontal air-launch services with the same aircraft

KSF Express Astronaut Training Program

REAL Astronaut Training Flights

With many more people slated to become astronauts in the next decade, we provide microgravity training flights of up to 60 high-quality parabolas

Space Technology Testing

Testing and validation of equipment and technologies through high-precision microgravity flights, before sending them to Space

Consumer Zero-Gravity Flight Experiences

Parabolic flights offered in major cities globally to provide the amazing sensation of weightlessness, just like an astronaut does

How to become Professional Astronaut Trainee

You will need either to attend Kennedy Space Center training programs as explained below along with attending real flight with 0 G-Launch 757 Airplane (training flights of up to 60 high-quality parabolas). Contact us for program, agenda and flights schedules along with pricing info@ksf.space

KSF Astronaut Training Program Certificat

Kennedy Space Center

In the NASA Astronaut Training Experience, trainees will join the crew as they begin a spectacular series of mission simulation including launching, landing and walking on Mars. Perform a spacewalk through exciting and immersive microgravity simulation technology. Trainees will also participate in a launch of NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS) rocket as a member of either the launch control team or the Orion capsule crew. Throughout the training, create personalized video logs of the unforgettable experience to revisit after you complete your mission.

KSF Kennedy Space Center


English Fluency: Due to safety instructions and the interactive content essential to this program, each guest must be fluent in English in order to participate in ATX.
All Astronaut Training Experience Simulators: For safety, you should be in good health and free from high blood pressure, heart, back or neck problems, motion sickness, or other conditions that could be aggravated by this experience.
Participants must be at least 1.55 meters tall. Max weight 127 kilograms
Times: 4-5-hours program, with start times varying by season
Trainees: Individuals or groups, ages 18 - 40 old.

KSF Kennedy Space Center


Witnessing a live rocket launch is a jaw-dropping, bucket-list experience. Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex provides the closest public viewing of rocket launches with live launch commentary from space experts. Viewing locations are within a few miles/kilometers from the launch pads, so you can see and feel the liftoff of spacecraft leaving Earth under the full power of mighty rocket engines.

Distances to launch pads:

To Atlas V SLC-41 - approximately 7.1 miles/11.4 kilometers
To Falcon 9 SLC-40 - approximately 6.7 miles/10.8 kilometers
To Delta IV SLC-37 - approximately 7 miles/11.3 kilometers
To SpaceX LC-39A - approximately 7.5 miles/ 12 kilometers

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