Near Space Mission (Send your CubeSat on a Space Balloon)

We are offering a bundle product, purchase KSF Space CubeSat ready to fly model with the ability to launch it to space on a space balloon for hardware testing and achieve new experiments. We have a great experience in launching a sub orbital space missions from UK and Spain or USA, see sample video demonstration (click)

Why Near Space (Sub Orbital) is important before rocket launch (Orbital)

Many CubeSat companies and universities who are building small satellites are looking forward to test their satellite , hardware, communication boards, power and solar panels in near space before they send their final prototype to rocket launch , this would give a great real environment to micro-gravity with excellent conditions for testing the equipment’s overall functionality with vibration and thermal reaction in sub orbital launch on space balloon that would reach up to 40 KM altitude and landing in same day.
We have other option as well, where we can keep the balloon launch on sub-orbit (Strato-level) up to 2 weeks flying.

Why you should purchase our CubeSat model for sub-orbital launch?

We are open to receive any CubeSat / NanoSatellite from all over the world of course however, if you are developing your 1st CubeSat then we do recommend to purchase our ready to fly model, due to price reduction comparing to other CubeSat companies, in addition our satellite kit has a complete guide, easy programming skill, flexibility in assembling the structure, online support and training videos and finally sending your CubeSat for testing in sub-orbital.
Contact us for near space pricing and launch schedule.

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