Why KSF Space !

KSF Space Foundation offers support in numerous areas

KSF Space Foundation is a USA non profit organization registered in Delaware #5605031 offers support in numerous areas, linking those who have experience in completing, or are in the process of completing, small satellite missions, with those of limited experience at a fraction of the usual costs. This enables institutions around the world to explore and utilize all that the market has to offer, without sacrificing a significant portion of their budget.

R&D Experiments

KSF Space is currently offering access to near-space and LEO to GEO for research and scientific experiments in the fields of:

  • Earth or Space observation
  • Biological testing
  • Satellite positioning detection
  • Earth magnetic field measurement
  • Radio Transmissions
  • Atmospheric Science & Ecological Sciences
  • Technology experiment

KSF Lunar Missions

KSF Space encourages researchers

KSF encourages researchers to keep dreaming, keep planning, and keep building in the name of scientific research. Lending a hand to get those less fortunate is integral to not only their communities, but the scientific community as a whole, broadening the horizon of potential for many

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