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KSF Space Foundation is a USA non profit organization registered in Delaware offers support in numerous areas, linking those who have experience in completing, or are in the process of completing CubeSat, NanoSatellite with those of limited experience at cheap prices. This enables institutions around the world to explore and utilize all that the market has to offer, without sacrificing a significant portion of their budget.

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Quotes from Clients

Prof. Filippo Graziani

University Roma, Italy, Gauss Space
The KSF Space Foundation is the only space foundation in the world that gathered international aerospace and space experts’ members from multinational citizens, which I believe reflect a great value in collaboration between R&D projects with many countries, I had the honored to attend their Int. Conference MNSAT once and exchange thoughts with the members.

Jim Primrose

Director of New Initiatives and Corporate Partnerships / University of California Riverside Extension
I had the pleasure to work as a board member of KSF Space Foundation. KSF Space is pushing around education of space and assisting people / organizations to connect which is something that is rarely seen.

Rick Tumlinson

I was invited by MNSAT Int. Conference which was organized by KSF Space Foundation, the guys are doing a great initiative towards space and small satellite industry, they are in education outreach with their tremendous NanoSat Engineering Professional Certification and their CubeSat engineering in addition to their Lunar mission with NASA and Masten aerospace, I would definitely recommend any university or company to develop their small satellite mission with KSF Space Foundation.

Holly Melear

CEO & Founder of STEAMSPACE Education USA
KSF Space is moving humanity forward with this entrepreneurial pursuit in New Space, technology, and education, preparing us for a new space age of success! I strongly recommend jumping on board with these amazing opportunities he is offering globally, to push beyond boundaries.

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  • Test your hardware in Microgravity with our Space Capsule. email us now

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