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small Satellite Fabrication Consulting Service

The international, technical committee at KSF Space Foundation (KSF), comprising of experienced professional engineers, researchers, scientists and subject matter experts, can assist and work with you on your next space mission (see members page).

KSF currently holds numerous, signed agreements with key industry and academic stakeholders from across the nano-satellite community. KSF can assist your next space mission by matching the most suitable services in the market with your mission’s needs. Contact us and let us know what your next space mission is all about, and we’ll we provide you with exemplar technical expertise.

KSF Space Foundation Experimentation Opportunity Program

Some institutions cannot easily afford the costs of developing, manufacturing, and launching their own space mission, particularly in developing countries.

Here at KSF we have developed a special program entitled ’Experimentation Opportunity Program’. This program is dedicated to enabling institutions in developing countries realise their own space mission aspirations. The scope of the program allows institutions from developing countries to collaborate and participate with other institutions that are currently working and developing their own missions.

Our funding committee is happy to discuss with you potential opportunities and likely costs, with our advice tailored to your research and mission needs (Contact us for more info)

Launch Service

At the KSF Space Foundation, we can source and manage ride share opportunities with a network of international launch providers. We can help institutions launch their own experiments; with affordable pricing below normal market rates (Contact us for more info)

Affordable Services for Academic R&D Projects

  • Building, integration, zero gravity testing environment and launch opportunities for Nanosatellite “CubeSat” (Contact us for proposal and targeted orbits)​
  • Support your academic activities on building your own Ground Station for R&D and receive live signals & images from active on orbit weather and climate major satellites (Contact us for proposal)
  • Provide support and training on building Ground Station to track current Nanosatellites or Cubesats on LEO orbit We send your biological scientific experiments to Space on ISS (Contact us for proposal)
  • Broadcasting chances with the International Space Station (ISS) on orbit crew for universities & colleges students world-wide “through KSF Space’s partner” (Contact us for schedule and proposal submission)
  • Training Courses available on GPS, GS, Building NanoSat…etc (Contact us for Training Catalog)

  • The foundation encourage universities to develop R&D missions using small Sats
  • KSF Space was initially founded to enable cost-effective access to LEO & GEO with zero-environmental impact flying solutions. The foundation offers access to near-space and LEO for research and scientific experiments in many fields

The Big Q initiative

The initiative was founded to encourage world’s universities and institutions to develop and construct technical approaches towards big data and the uses of future NanoSat (CubeSat) space research & industry, in line with the goal of climate change as an application case of Big-Q initiative, to provide rich data about climate change and weather patterns with accurate measurement that will enable us to improve climate models. (Learn more about Big Q)

Space Craft Competition (Apply now)

Become Certified Professional Astronaut