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Jan 8

MNSAT: IFGICT to work with KSF Space Mapping to protect environment

IFGICT to work with KSF Space Mapping partners on protecting the environment KSF Space and IFGICT will launch CFP to submit R&D project for Horizon 2020 by EU funding commission. As a remote sensing CubeSat (NanoSat) approach. Remote sensing scientists work under assumptions that should not be taken for granted and should, therefore, be challenged. […]

Jan 8

KSF Space Foundation offering the “World’s Cheapest Cubesat”

KSF Space Foundation has revealed what they describe as the world’s cheapest CubeSat in the history of the smallsat industry. Reducing the cost of spacecraft development in this form factor allows spacecraft development efforts to be funded from teaching funds, incorporating the smallsat program in the curriculum on a year-upon-year basis. The basic model comes […]

Jan 8

Why Are Universities Heading Towards KSF Space Foundation CubeSat Nanosatellite Education Outreach Kit?

KSF space foundation is a non-profit organization in the United States. It focuses on providing access to near space and carries out many research and development experiments associated with space. The organization also helps researchers and gives life to their ideas by providing research opportunities. The organization also offers research opportunities to academic institutes and […]

Jan 8

Le Maroc lance deux Nano-Satellites

La Fondation KSF Space vient d’annoncer que des étudiants marocains de l’Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Informatique et d’Analyse des Systèmes (ENSIAS) de l’Université Mohammed V de Rabat ainsi que des étudiants de l’Université Privée de Fès ont construit deux Nano-Satellites pour l’étude de la couche Ozone et des changements climatiques. Le lancement de ces deux Nano-Satellites […]

Jan 8

Maldives’ first space program to come up

Institute for Global Success (IGS) in collaboration with KSF Space Foundation of the UK will launch the first space program in the Maldives, reported Sun news. The two organizations signed an MOU in October to develop a space program for the Indian Ocean Archipelago. Speaking at the program launch ceremony, IGS chairman Rifath Mohammad said […]

Jan 1

Kuwait to launch climate change-measuring nanosat

KSF Space Foundation announced that the State of Kuwait will be the first in GCC and North Africa to send a cubesat to near space to measure climate change and ultra violet radiation in partnership with KSF Space’s next mission, scheduled for high altitude balloon launch in June of 2021, reports news. satnews. com. Kuwait […]

Jan 1

The World’s First “NEP Certification”: A KSF Space Perspective

The NEP Certification pathway will address aerospace engineers and experts and will be recognized by major space companies, organizations, foundations and agencies. Many industries are going to work with KSF Space to review the content of the course material and accredit the certificate by recognizing NEP Certification as the world’s first and only smallsat engineering […]

Jan 1

Jordan the 1st across MENA to send living bacteria to space with KSF Space

KSF Space Foundation announced that the Kingdom of Jordan will be the first in Middle East and North Africa to send a living microbiology and bacteria cells to the space with KSF Space next mission which is scheduled in June 2021. Yarmok University in Jordan, will be the leading across all universities in MENA region […]

Jan 1

KSF Space Foundation Launched 1st IoT Microgravity Space Mission from Mexico

KSF Space Foundation and Edison effects Mexico has launched recently a success near space mission from Mexico carrying a platform consisting of Small Sats from different universities (Morocco, Mexico & UK) and schools with ability to transmit IoT command from earth to Space vice versa. This mission considered the world’s 1st near space mission of […]

Jan 1

KSF Space Foundation Signs MoU With Maldives To Build The First University Satellite

Around the world, technology-enabled solutions are having a major impact on people’s lives and livelihoods by enabling them to tap into previously unreachable markets and career paths. This is especially true for island nations such as the Maldives, where science and technology could serve as bridges that link remote communities and nurture them to truly […]

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