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MNSAT: IFGICT to work with KSF Space Mapping to protect environment

IFGICT to work with KSF Space Mapping partners on protecting the environment
KSF Space and IFGICT will launch CFP to submit R&D project for Horizon 2020 by EU funding commission. As a remote sensing CubeSat (NanoSat) approach.

Remote sensing scientists work under assumptions that should not be taken for granted and should, therefore, be challenged. These assumptions include the following:

  1. Space, especially Low Earth Orbit (LEO), will always be available to governmental and commercial space entities that launch Earth remote sensing missions.
  2. Space launches are benign with respect to environmental impacts.
  3. Minimization of Type 1 error, which provides increased confidence in the experimental outcome, is the best way to assess the significance of environmental change.
  4. Large-area remote sensing investigations, i.e. national, continental, global studies, are best done from space.
  5. National space missions should trump international, cooperative space missions to ensure national control and distribution of the data products.

At best, all of these points are arguable, and in some cases, they’re wrong. Development of observational space systems that are compatible with sustainability principles should be a primary concern when Earth remote sensing space systems are envisioned, designed, and launched. The discussion is based on the hypothesis that reducing the environmental impacts of the data acquisition step, which is at the very beginning of the information stream leading to decision and action, will enhance coherence in the information stream and strengthen the capacity of measurement processes to meet their stated functional goal, i.e. sustainable management of Earth resources. We suggest that unconventional points of view should be adopted and when appropriate, remedial measures considered that could help to reduce the environmental footprint of space remote sensing and of Earth observation and monitoring systems in general.

KSF Space conference “MNSAT” “International Conference on Micro & NanoSatellites , will be held at presidential building of University Mohamed V- in Rabat the capital of Morocco on May 2nd and 3rd, invited speakers from major aerospace industries like IEEE Aerospace, Surrey Space Center and much more

For more information about CFP, please contact IFGICT & KSF Space

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