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Why Are Universities Heading Towards KSF Space Foundation CubeSat Nanosatellite Education Outreach Kit?

KSF space foundation is a non-profit organization in the United States. It focuses on providing access to near space and carries out many research and development experiments associated with space. The organization also helps researchers and gives life to their ideas by providing research opportunities. The organization also offers research opportunities to academic institutes and is working to create cost-effective methods to carry out experiments at research laboratories easily. KSF Space Foundation has also recently launched a novel board system for its CubeSat education outreach kit to improve its outreach edge for the education sector and be prominent in the space mission and CubeSat industry.

Numerous universities are trying to purchase the KSF space foundation’s CubeSat Nanosatellite education outreach kit for their research projects.

“This education CubeSat kit, would allow universities and schools to develop small and rapid space mission with most affordable budget” Said by Dr. Kayyali Chairman of KSF Space Foundation

We’ll see why universities tend to acquire the KSF space foundation’s CubeSat Nanosatellite education outreach kit. What specialties does this kit have which make it their first choice?


The major reason behind the enhanced inclination of universities and education centers towards the KSF kit is its affordability. It’s believed to be the cheapest kit in the world which is perfect for small satellite missions. The academic institutes and universities usually offer small missions as their research level is low compared to the research institutes.

Further, the universities don’t get a lot of funds, and a major chunk of their funding is used to enhance education quality. Research is a secondary part. Thus, CubeSat becomes the university’s first choice because they don’t need to raise funds. Additionally, universities from developing and developed countries can easily buy it with their lab budget and enhance their research.

Easy to Integrate

The education kit of KSF can easily be integrated, configured, and programmed than the other models in the market. Its because the organization has manufactured it for small missions and to assist education institutes. Thus, students can easily exploit it, and universities won’t have to hire technicians to take care of the kit, as extravagant equipment requires experts to handle them.

IFGICT Certified Product

IFGICT is the greatest information and communication technology federation globally, and a United Nations nominated company. It offers many certifications and standards for various industries. The KSF Space Foundation’s CubeSat Nanosatellite Education Outreach Kit is an IFGICT certified product.

KSF Space – Non-Profit Organization

Another major advantage universities will get after purchasing this kit is collaborating with a non-profit organization. KSF space foundation is not looking for any business opportunities through this partnership. Its only interest is to enhance its education outreach among particular universities and colleges.

Space Launch and Certificates for Students

KSF Space Foundation also provides a space problem launch as part of purchasing the kit. It will be beneficial for students to test their experiments or run their experiments in the real world.

Moreover, the organization also offers different certifications to the students of collaborated universities. These certifications provide greater chances of networking and more job opportunities around the globe.

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